Christal Wears Unveils New Collection, ‘IMAGE’, For The Classy Woman | LookBook Review

Christiana Talabi, Creative Director, ChrisTal Wears

Are you a woman with great concern for her look and you find it difficult to get the perfect outfit to represent your look? ChrisTal wear is here for you with the IMAGE collection which imbibes women of great personality,  people of influence creating great marks and still cares about their wellbeing.

With the aim to represent women with this unique charisma and a great sense of fashion, ChrisTal Wears has created that perfect wardrobe with the right fabric and varieties of colours that will suit almost every woman plus mixing of fabrics that will feel right on our skin.


LookBook Review

First things first, I like how this designer styled the outfits worn by the models and the heel sandals used, good choice of shoe I might add. Another thing I like about this collection is the underlying message of looking beautiful, sexy and decent at the same time plus I also like how the designer tried playing with colours but still kept things minimal, that way making some of the pieces look perfect for that corporate party, office wear and of course the exaggerated sleeve will work well for that red carpet couture look you’re aiming for.

My favourite piece is in this collection is the teal green lace top with an exaggerated bow. I love it. Why? Because it is creative and unique, not what you’ll see everywhere, that way you don’t go into an event thinking you’ll run into someone you’ll twin with except she’s also a client of ChrisTal Wears, then that’s fine.

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  1. Christiana says:

    A great content here, well done.

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    1. Linorajj says:

      Thank you so much! We hope to see more of you!

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