We Know It’s A New Year, Don’t Be Too Hard On Yasef


Happy New Year Guys!

Truth is, I’ve been thinking of what to say to you guys because while we are all shouting “New Beginnings”, our expectations have already burdened the year. It’s like we’re putting so much pressure on a newborn child; You must give me this, you have to be this, this must happen to me blah, blah, blah. This is why I’ve been thinking of the right new year charge to give you all. Something motivational to get you up and running this new year and ticking off all your boxes. Well, I do want to do that, but guess what? That’ll be too much cliche and if there’s anything I’m promising myself this year is to try to not be a part of any cliche, but if I eventually don’t stick to that promise, that’s alright… I won’t beat myself too hard because of that.  This is not to say it is not good to plan, but let’s be realistic with our planning and after trying hard and it doesn’t work out the way we planned, let’s be consoled by the fact that we tried because you know what? Some people didn’t bother trying.

Well, it’s just two days into 2018 and some people are already expecting a swift change in their attitude. I heard a man telling his wife that “This is a new year and you’re still forgetting your phone at home, what you did in 2017 you want to repeat in 2018?” and I was like, “Haba! we just entered the year, give your wife a break!” or better still give the year a break! but I didn’t say that loud. What I’m going to be asking out loud is “Is there a magic wand that changes us overnight once its new year?” Well, I don’t think so.

What I know is, when we enter a new year, our resolutions or plans are not meant to come to pass at the beginning of the year, except we’ve been working it before the new year. If we haven’t, then that can’t happen. It’ll take its due time to manifest. If its a six-month project, it’ll take that time to manifest, all you have to look forward to is the work you put in to ensure it turns out the way you want.

So here I am telling you guys to not be too hard on yourself. Do not burden your year with so much it is meant to achieve. Stretch yourself but be realistic with your elasticity band. Have your goals, but understand every fruit takes time to yield, so enjoy watching it grow. Don’t burden yourself in January, the year is just starting. Just know what you want to do and do it, but be happy doing it. Don’t expect the miracle of achieving your 2018 goal in January, save some part of it for major Thanksgiving.

Take your time. Love your journey. Love the process. Once again, Happy New Year!


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