#GoldenGlobes2018: Greatest Lessons From Oprah Winfrey

Photo by Jordan Strauss
Oprah Winfrey poses in the press room with the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, in Beverly Hills, Calif
75th Annual Golden Globe Awards – Press Room, Beverly Hills, USA – 07 Jan 2018

After giving her powerful speech at the 75th Golden Globes Award when she received her Cecil B. DeMille Award for Lifetime Achievement, Oprah Winfrey was ushered into the press room backstage filled with journalists and fans ready to get all the information they can about her and guess what?  They helped people like me because aside from being such a fan, I’ve been wanting to know all these and more about her.

So let’s jump in.

Greatest lessons learned in your career and your life?

The greatest lesson I’ve learnt in my career was from Maya Angelou (When I heard this I knew I picked the right model to fawn over. You learnt from Maya? Please drop it all in me!!!) After meeting her, she told me “when people show you who they are, you  believe them the first time. the problem it takes you 29 times to see the same lessons coming in a different skirt or wearing a different pair of pants.” That has been one of Oprah’s greatest wisdom teaching, to access from people’s behavior, their actions not just towards me but towards other people, who they are and how they behave because if people talk about other people they’ll talk about you. This is one thing Oprah applies in both business and relationship but staying grounded in the industry has also been part of it because if she knows all that and not grounded, she won’t be the Oprah we all love!

With all these awards and honors, what humbles you?

With the plaque placed close to her chest, she said: “This humbles me”. She revealed that she didn’t feel she should be getting the award because she has acted like 5 movies while actresses like Reese Witherspoon  and Hollywood icons have uncountable movies to their names, but despite being the new kid on the block in Hollywood, the Cecil B. DeMille award is not given specially to personalities in Hollywood rather it is the achievement for all-around entertainment  and having singlehandedly hosted a show for the past 25 years and the cultural statement  she and other great women have made throughout the years, it is certainly worth it.

Wisdom to pass on to future generation…

Do the work that comes straight from the sooul of you. Either form yoour background, the stories you’ve grown up with, stories that bring you passion. Stories taht youre not just yarnign to tell, but stories that if you dont tell them wont get told… When you  align your personality with what your soul actually came to do, when you can use that personality to serve whatever that thing is, you can’t help but be successful.

Advice to filmmakers;

Do films that come from the interior of your soul. You cannot miss it. It’s when you’re doing stuffs thhat you think might make money, you  think it may be a hit or might bring you some level of attention, that isn’t what does it. Working from the interior of yourself makes your work authentic.

That’s it guys! Hope this was helpful? You can also watch the full speech here

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