Ronke Raji Tests Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle On Dark Skin Women, Watch The Colorful Result

Rihanna is certainly not done with the beauty industry. Aside from her 40 shades of Fenty goodness, the style and beauty icon is set to shake the market again with her new 14 shades of Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick Collection recently introduced to the market with interesting names for each lippie such as Shawty, Ma’Damnis, Up 2 No Good, PMS, Midnight Wasabi, Clapback, Ya Dig?!, One Of The Boyz, Spanked, Candyvenom, Freckle Fiesta, Gloss Bomb and more.

UK based Nigerian make-up artist, Ronke Raji got her hands on these colorful beauties, experimenting them on black women and I must say they are beautiful.

Aside from some of these colours which look oddly beautiful on the dark skin, especially the strongest melanin owner, I love the pop of colours. Truth is, some of these colours look odd because they’re not what you’ll normally try on your lip, but the magic is sometimes in the contrast but some are just too contrasting to find balance. While some blends well with the skin, some of these shades look off on the skin, hence making you feel that something isn’t quite right. But guess what? It doesn’t look good on that skin tone doesn’t mean it won’t be good another tone.

All in all, I love the colours and how they look on the lip of the women, and how supple it makes the lips look. Although not all colour can suit a tone, but the available shades should work for all brown skin like this video shows;


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