5 Ways To Purge Your Closet In 2018


It’s a new year and we have definitely come up with good resolutions. Resolutions on how to be good on our jobs, with our relationships and also with our lives.

One thing some of us didn’t consider is fashion, especially if you’re not fashion conscious. Yep, some of us have a full-blown plan of dressing better, doesn’t mean we’ll spend more, but it means we’re happier with our looks. (Post coming up on how to know your style and look it for less).

So for some of you with no fashion resolution, let’s start with what fashion is to you.

In my small journey of writing for Vanguard Allure on my tiny cherished column, Selfie, one response I’ve always received when asked what they perceived fashion to be is “Comfort”. Some don’t use the word “comfort”, but that’s what they mean.  But before we get to what should make you comfortable, you have got tons of uncomfortable outfits hanging comfortably in your room that you do not need. They are crowding your closet and making you feel like you have what you don’t and when they’re all over the place, it’s possible to feel like they’re suffocating you. (I know what I’m talking about because I’m also guilty).

So here are five applicable ways you can purge your closet and feel better, I’ve tried some of them and will try others soon.

1. Arrange Your Closet!

This is the beginning of understanding what you truly have. Sometimes you have so much in your closet, (when I say closet, it can be your traveling box, drawer, Ghana Must Go bag or anything you put your clothes in) and some sprawled on the chair in your room and it feels like you have got so many clothes until you’re about to go out and it dawns on you that you don’t have as much as you think… Bummer! Disorganization can be really deceptive, which is why you have got to arrange that closet and know what you have so you can sieve the chaff from the rest. So the first step to purging your closet is to arrange it.

2. Donate The Clothes To Charity:

We all know this but most of us don’t do it, sometimes due to lack of time or not even knowing a charity to give it to. But I think things are getting easier by the day and we have organizations with the sole aim of giving out what has been given to them. They take what you don’t need and give it to the people that need them. I wanted to come up with something like that while I was in school, but it didn’t happen, partly because I didn’t push it enough and partly because I saw people doing that already and I felt why not just help their cause instead of starting a new one? So if we really look out, they’re organizations that will take off the burden from you and help you send your clothes to the right receivers.

3. Sow It As Seed To Your Younger Brother Or Sister:

While i understand that we have to give to charity, we might also have Charity at home… Your younger ones might be eyeing one of your banging or not so banging outfit, you can purge that to them and make sure they purge something off their closet too. It’s always good to release when you’ve been given, frees space not just to receive but for the ones you have to lay comfortable. (I can hear someone muttering “who laying comfortably epp?” Oya sorry, no vex.). You can also give to your friends. Some of us have friends that are like sisters to us, friends we can share things like clothes with and they share theirs with us too. I have friends who when they see me wear something they really like, either they seize it and give me something to wear so I don’t go home naked, or I give it to them because it’ll make them happy. So I just tell myself that I already got my share of joy from wearing the cloth or if I like it so much, I buy another one… that’s if it’s not too expensive.

4.  Yard Sale:

This is not a practice common amongst most people as we either don’t have any clothes we’ve not worn or our clothes are no longer eligible to be sold because we wear our clothes to the last kobo! Most of us are guilty of that, I am (sometimes)! But for some of you who wear your clothes so well with duration of say abandon them in the next five to six months, well, this purging method is for you! Make some cool cash from Yard Sale by putting up things you no longer wear, even shoes and bag for sale.  And for some of you who have clothes, bag and shoes that you bought but it’s not your size or you bought, saved, ate too much and could no longer fit into the silhouette dress, good news! All hope is not lost because you can still make some cool cash from Yard sale or even put them up for sale online. They’re so many online 3rd party stores that will help you sell what needs to be sold, so sell it!

5. This space is for you to fill... I’m sure you’ve tried this purging your closet before, how did you go about it? Make it our 5th way and share it with us!

But you know what? Doing all these should help you declutter and purge your closet, giving you a sense of control towards the remaining stuff in your closet. But if you have other means of decluttering and purging, please do share, it can help someone, even me!

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