Hilarious Memes As Funke Akindele Goes To Hollywood | #AvengersSomtin


Before I jump into these memes that are really cracking me up, I want to say I am super proud of Funke Akindele for this great achievement in her career, I am certainly jumping for joy because this is just another proof that hard work pays, there’s no shortcut or forming classy boss upandan in the industry. Get your hands dirty by working hard and watch yourself grow like never before.

So let’s see what people are creating from this good news. For the sake of another stop, some people on Twitter are on about it being just one line, is it your one line? This is not just any Hollywood production that probably doesn’t make it to the big screen,  this is Avengers, even waka pass will be a great deal, but she got more than a waka pass. The world gets to feel and enjoy what we’ve been feeling and enjoying. This is huge and I am sooooo in for all the international growth Nigeria is feeding the world with.

but this is supposed to be a fun post so I won’t get as serious as I know I am prone to get, this is all about Funke Akindele, Avengers, and Memes, so let’s laugh!

And I love this one because this is how we should support our own…



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