SGTC Clothing Launches Must-own Plus-size Collection With Taje Prest

Fast-rising Afrocentric brand, SGTC Clothing has launched a vibrant plus-size collection called Beautiful Me. Teaming up with the CEO of Taje Prest Slides, Taje Prest, SGTC present a collection we cannot say NO to.

According to the brand, there’s a need to fill the gap in the fashion industry for the Plus size women, a need that was very apparent, so they’ve created this collection to provide stylish and vibrant sartorial choices for Plus Size Women.

With great attention to fabric, colour, design, and print, this collection has been thoughtfully put together to ensure the Plus Size Woman comfort as she sought for her stylish self.

Still keeping her Afrocentric theme intact, SGTC shows us how powerful an African woman can be with the right fashion weapon in her closet.

Blogger’s Note:

I personally like this collection, especially with the way it fits the Taje Prest whose carriage of the different pieces was everything. The vibrant colourful print used is also a plus for me. The choice of shoes, checked! Location choice, double check! This is my first time of seeing a handful of SGTC and I love it! My favorite is the asymmetric layered pencil skirt and I love it because of the colors and print combined to form the layer.

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