5 Comfort Habits & Why You Need To Change Them


We all have these habits one way or the other and they need to stop! But before some o you start wondering what I’m talking about, let’s get serious with this gist.

But not too serious…

So what are comfort habits?

Comfort habits are those things we do on a stressful day to calm us down. They’re those habits we indulge I to help us forget all the rigors of our day. Nope, they’re not habits that make us comfortable, rather they’re habits we find comfort in… sounds tricky right?

So what are some of these habits?

Due to how dynamic humans are, we find different ways to ease our stress, but some of the common habits are;


his habit is common amongst people with enough cash to spend on shopping, you can’t be broke and be shopping. Did I just say you can’t? You certainly can and end up on a mountain of debt. This method can be therapeutic as it makes you feel satisfied and leave you really happy just taking things and paying for them without thinking. But guess what? this amnesia doesn’t last too long. It comes back after you’re done shopping, but another way it also leaves you is broke, which will eventually make you feel worse.

Eating chocolate or ice cream:

Do you know something sweet has a way of automatically making you happy? That’s because foods that are high in sugar cause your body to produce fewer hormones linked to anxiety. Now you understand why people eat ice cream when stressed or depressed? But that’s now an excuse to always do it. If you eat sugar every time you’re stressed, then I can imagine how high your sugar level will look. A little sugar won’t hurt, but eating ice cream every time you’re stressed is just a no-no. not good for your health at all

Eating more food when we’re stressed

While the ice cream is similar to the food, it is also a comfort habit you should stop. Food shouldn’t be your go-to companion when you’re stressed and if it is, control your portion to not overfeed yourself with unnecessary food.


This is a comfort habit I indulge in almost all the time. My love for visuals is beyond me. I have to watch something after a stressful day. Sometimes my aim is to come home and just cool off for some time, but hen my laptop is on and I have to watch something before I start working. Why is this a bad comfort habit? It is bad because it takes y time especially when I’m watching a movie when they’re things that can’t wait. Not to say you shouldn’t watch movies, I wont even advice myself not to. What i am advising is that we prioritize the things we want to do. You can download the movie and watch later or you can watch something educational I you really want to watch something. But dont alow that movie stop you from working. What I try sometimes is that when I’m tempted to watch a movie when I have work, I either tune off that part of my brain, or indulge, start the movie, pause it later and start working. Once I start working it becomes difficult to leave my work and watch a movie. So sometimes I finish my work and go get some visual pleasure!

Bitting your nails:

I don’t even know if i should call this comfort habit because most people do it when they are stressed but I can say it is a bad habit that we should stop because I do it too and I have been meaning to really stop. Not only is this habit not healthy, it also makes your nail looks ugly.

What can be done?.

Look for alternative habits to replace these comfort habits that will attack your health and finance. For the shopping, instead of going out to buy clothes, bring out all your pieces of stuffs including your clothes from your closet and play dress up, mixing and matching items you have never worn or combined together. Trust me you’ll feel happy with the results.

For chocolate and ice cream and food, look for healthy alternatives that will help you eat healthy while you busy your mouth. We have tiger nut, dates, kuli kuli, and so many other healthy alternatives that we can find on the internet.

For your nails, all that is required is discipline o. We have to discipline ourselves to ensure our nails look good enough and healthy too. Polish it if it won’t make you eat it but try to stop it (note to self).

Do share what your comfort habit is or are and tell us if you’re still battling with it. If not, tell us how you worked your way away from your comfort habit. I most certainly want to learn more.

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