5 Kinds of Kolo Users, Which One Are You?🤔

While we were growing up keeping Kolo was the order of the day for children that are trying to be financially dependent, at least to the level we can be.

They divide our owo ounje (means food allowance in Yoruba language) and whatever “brother dash me” cash we have and save them until the empty box becomes heavy with cash. Some are more disciplined than others who from January to December can boast of having just the box with nothing inside of it.

Piggy bank kolo

This post I’ll be talking about 5 types of Kolo keepers and their various attitude to finance… let’s see where you fall in.

1. Disciplined Owners:

First thing first, we are starting with the serious-minded disciplinarians who are really strict with their money. Save every kobo and they are the #goals you think of when you think of Kolo. They’re the dreams you have about your Kolo future. You know when you say “I want to save five thousand naira at the end of the year”, all you’re saying is “I want to be like Joseph at the end of the year”(Joseph was the Head boy in my secondary school. Serious minded fellow who was capable of being that disciplined, but then I don’t know about now… so don’t ask)

2. The faithless Kolo owners:

These bunches don’t drop their penny if they are not seeing any alternative to help them scratch their sugar cravings. So until they see an extra coin to get their biscuit, sweet, chewing gum etc, nothing is going through that hole.

3. The Procrastinators:

These people are always saving but never really saving. They see their 5,000 naira goal from January and carry it over to the next January from December.  They cannot come and kill themselves unto  Kolo matter. They keep saying they’ll save today but guess what, the day is never over with them… every minute is bright as morning and night never comes

4. The Broom Keepers:

Who had a Kolo and don’t know how important broom is? Some Kolo keepers keep broomstick by the side of their Kolo in “case of incasity” (😂😂 When was the last time you used that word?! God! So ungrammatical! 😂😂 But this is us reliving our childhood, so just let that slide…😂! but the right expression is; In case of necessity) Anyways, these people have brooms to help them systematically remove their money from the Kolo and not necessarily feel a thing… I think using a broom is quite psychological because it makes us feel we’re still saving and because there’s no breaking and entering, that subtle sleek way of removing our money doesn’t show any sign of something leaving the Kolo hence reassuring us that we’re still disciplined. Problem is we might just come in with our broom someday to find it searching for weight in an empty box.

5.  The Kolo Breakers:

These people are part of the reasons Kolo sellers pass your street with clean fresh woods everyday.  Not only can they not afford to successfully save, they’re too impatient to use broom to pluck out their savings. So instead they might just break it every week, two weeks or a month give it take. These people are Kolo sellers favorite kinda people. They make the business boom!

Where do I belong? Well, while growing up I’ll say I’m among the faithless owners who couldn’t afford to save all that she has, at least let me have spare cash to buy baba dudu, Ofio,  coconut candy and every brown thing that tastes like sugar. I was so that girl and while I have grown to be more disciplined in my savings,  I’m still that girl that wants to have something and save something. Not have all or spend all… I am the partial disciplined partial faithless saver. And with the way banks are collecting different charges here and there, shey pessin will not just go and buy a fancy Kolo like this?

Anyways, which of these were you? Let me know at the comment section below and do tell if you’d like me to talk about any African related content. I’m all here for you!😁😁☺


Photo credit: MyKolo.ng

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