5 Things Every Bride Should Never Forget On Their Wedding Day


Happy Saturday guys!

Yea, that might not be a thing but it is right now because I am here to give you Saturday specials, and since we’re Africans, what better ways to maximize our Saturdays than put it aside for weddings and every available Gbedu we have, but what is the most consistent of them all? … Weddings! (Not to say we can’t sleep in or do a lot of fun stuff)

So this post idea came to me while I was thinking about how busy brides can be, and the most important things might not seem so important because they’re so small when you think about them. But when you think further, you’ll realize that they’re small but really important.

So I did a list of 5 things I believe Chief Bride’s maid should take note so as to carry for the bride on the big day. I’m sorry maid, isn’t looking out for the bride your job? 😉 …  so here we go!

1. Pad:

First thing first… I’m sure you didn’t see that coming, but that’s because we do not always see it coming.  n your wedding day, you are rocking white and in as much as we pray that our monthly cycle passes us by, it is a reality that might fall on us that day hence giving unwanted colours on that day, you wouldn’t want that. For that reason, get yourself a pad or pads depending on your monthly flow, it’s better safe than sorry.

2. Get Your Flat Set:

I think we remember this sometimes, but sometimes we don’t, we focus so much on that fancy 6inches that will work well with our dress. Here I am, drumming it into the ears of you all… Get those flats and keep it in the car, you cannot come and be investing in rheumatism on your wedding day.

3. Fashion First Aid Kit:

You know what your dress is made up of and anything can happen to it. Someone can step on the dress like they did to Adesua in the wedding party and get you worried, you don’t want that on that on your wedding day, so get your fashion first aid kit, be prepared. Fill the box with the right colour of thread, button, needle and whatever you know you would be needing for yourself that can go bad. All in all, see beyond what is going well and try to see what can go wrong, especially with your dress and get yourself equipped to tackle that!

4. First Aid Drug Kit:

Why be so fashion conscious and not health conscious? So many things can stress the living day out of you on the day of your wedding and all these will cause nothing but headache. Having your first aid kit sort of set your mind at ease because you know that no matter how you stress yourself, there’s a pain reliever somewhere to help you. Your kit should also contain drugs for constipation, you never know the things you’ll crave and the result that’ll emerge… except you want to turn the restroom into your new wedding venue.

5. Standby Makeup Artist:

Funny enough the makeup is one thing we do not forget. We are always ready to tell them to stay by to give us the perfect fix for our photos, hence it is just completing this list because I am supposed to be talking about the things we don’t usually remember. But then this just goes to say how much we put into ensuring we are more beautiful than comfortable which shouldn’t always be the case because you know what? No matter what, we are always beautiful, so seeking comfort will always pay us more.

What else do you guys think a bride should be with on the day of her wedding to avoid unnecessary panic…Let’s think, from fashion to beauty to health, what would you need on your wedding day that might not be readily available?

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