Self Experiment; The beginning to Self Mastery

We can be the scientist of our own experience… Elizabeth Gilbert, ‘Eat, Love Pray’ (Paraphrased by me)

With the way we are structured as humans and the expectations society has consciously and unconsciously placed on us, we are now lost in all of these while some of us constantly try to find ourselves, that authentic self that has been buried or transformed by the society that we no longer recognize who we are as all we see is an unrecognizable shadow.

With all these expectations, we have been made lesser than we truly are and sometimes not even knowing what we truly are or our full capabilities. It is funny that the world has successfully reprogrammed us to act in certain ways that we assume our limits before they are even tested… shame!

I was reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (a book I’ve been using forever to read) and the author was explaining one of the ways she came to being herself, and one of this way is knowing what she can do, numbing those senses that expect her to act conventionally and in the process finding her true self.

Reading this part of the book, I realized that some of us don’t even know who we truly are and what we can truly accommodate, which in most cases than not, we give ourselves little credit for. Like aside the things the world throws at us, which we dodge when we have the opportunity to, we do not see or know how we would react if it eventually hits us.

Allow yourself experience things you’re scared of and see if it will break you. if it does, you know it’s not for you and if it doesn’t, well you’ll realize you shouldn’t have been scared in the first place.

One example is the menstrual cramp we face as women. Some experiences are painful while others are lucky enough with the painless cycle. Because some people have come to associate this experience with pain, we sometimes don’t even bother to know if we can handle this pain, we just look for a pain reliever straight up. Some of this pain your body has been built to handle, but because we all want the easy way out, we reduce our bodies to performing less than its full capacity.

Truth is, knowing the authentic you is to sometimes allow yourself experiment, either total joy or painful cramps;  as dangerous as that sound. Experiment with yourself to intentionally go through experiences and discover who you are. According to Elizabeth Gilbert, be the scientist to your experience, create them and see how it shapes you or what you learn from it.

Some things you need to know about yourself doesn’t even require you to experiment, rather it requires your knowledge which should come from research and personal resolve. When people tell us about something, do we just accept them because that is how it is supposed to be or we question them, make our research and know why they are the way they are?

That is  also part of self-experiment, it is putting yourself at a point where you question yourself and sort things through on your own, go through your thoughts on your own and come out with a resolve and an opinion that is solely yours. Go through things with the purpose of seeing how you’ll react, a reaction that isn’t influenced by anyone.

Doing this doesn’t mean who you realize you are, becomes who you will remain, or continue to be. It just gives you the opportunity to find out who you really are, how you react to situations and change it if need be.

I don’t know about you but I would certainly want to find out how I react to things, thereby coming to terms with myself and changing what I want to change, not because the society wants me to change them, but because I have to for a happier and peaceful life.

These self-experiments in discovering who we truly are gives us confidence in ourselves. Knowing who you are helps you know what you can or cannot endure, not because you’ve been told you can’t, but because you’ve taken the bold step to exploring and knowing you can’t.

This self-experimenting exercise also helps you deal with the different issue and saves you from engaging in unnecessary battles, either with people or your mind.

Imagine someone trying to talk you down, but you know yourself enough to understand that what the person is saying is not who you are, not because you’re trying to be defensive, but because YOU KNOW that person they’re describing isn’t just who you are, you’re less concerned and more at peace with yourself.

So try that self-experiment today, push yourself to do something you’ve been scared of because you don’t think you have the ability to but you know what? You’re actually stronger than you give yourself credit for. Try it and see your limit… or lack of limit in your journey to #SelfMastery and do share some of the things you’ve been meaning to try, who knows, I’ll just share mine too!

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