#WCE: The Boss Chic, Mo’ Abudu

Mo' Abudu
Mo’ Abudu

The first time I heard of Mo’ Abudu was … I can’t even remember, but it’s been really long and I was invited to be a part of her audience for Moment with Mo‘. I went there with friends and while I forgot the date of the show, I remembered the topic for that day was Phobia.

I looked at her keenly and I saw how professional “reality” TV Shows really are. I saw her and admired how, even while sitting and chatting with her audience, she has control over the remaining things happening around her. I admired what I saw and wished I was the one doing that, even though I thought she could do some things better.  yea, maybe I shouldn’t think that, but guess it was just because I wish I was the one doing that. Then I there, something said, “how nice would it be to work for this woman?” “How nice would it be to work with this great woman?” But scrap it… “how nice would it be to be like this woman?”.

I was a member of the audience with some of my friends and one of them saw what I could do and he started calling me “Moments With Linda “ infact he made that my name and he even buzzed me recently to remind me again ( Shoutout to Gbobaleti) but i guess i should really look into his prophecy.

After that, watching her Show only reminds me of what I didn’t have and I wasn’t happy with that but then my “not liking” became great love and admiration when she created a TV station for Africans and I was like “what?!” She went above just presenting?

I used to dream these big dreams but cutting myself short while I’m at it because I always feel, how’s that going to work? But seeing her gives me hope of things you can do and i am still hoping as i work toward it.

Why is she my woman crush this Wednesday or every other day?

  • She keeps learning despite what she has and knows. (getting a degree for directing)
  • She is one of those women that has truly lift women in the industry. (Most of the ladies that work with her show evident growth made from the platform and opportunities she makes available)
  • She gives room for others to grow because she knows there’s always room for her and their growth doesn’t dampen hers.
  • She’s a hard worker and a goal getter who sees a gap in the industry, strategizes on ways to fill them and fill them up.
  • She is Mo’ Abudu, the classy boss who doesn’t apologize for who she is… now what’s there not to love? and hate too for haters who can’t help but hate on your shine.

So yes… Mo’ Abudu is my woman crush every day and I can’t wait to meet and have a conversation with her to know how she does it all and still looks like she’s in her 30s’.

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