#RadioDay: Let’s Talk About Why I Love Radio, My OAP Practices & My Favorite Stations


Hey guys! I love radio so much and I feel so guilty I’m only just finding out about this day, truth is, if I had known earlier, I would have given you tons of posts, but for now, do enjoy this little post of mine talk about my first love and how it keeps me company.

My Journey With Radio…

So I said it. I love radio. Like really love radio and that is because it is one place I find so safe and confident at the same time. It is one of the best places I really express myself because I am more concerned about my words and its impact rather than staring at a camera and thinking in my mind “hope I’m well positioned?” “hope my makeup is still intact?” “hope that smile came out real and not fake (FYI: My smile always come out real)… so yea, with radio I don’t have to worry about all of those I just concentrate on my content and that is really important to me.

As time went by, my love for radio increased, but guess what? I didn’t grow up listening to the radio, I think my mom did… (LOL) she is always buying radio player and whenever she’s going to the market, if she didn’t carry anything in her bag, she will definitely carry her radio, and she charges it like her phone… God! So yes, my mother has a radio player but she listens to songs with it (HaHa). My father, on the other hand, listens to the radio, sports analysis when I was growing up and now he just listens to any station with socio-political discussions.

For me,  I started listening years ago on Inspiration FM and realized how great a company my phone can be, with me listening to people I can’t see and enjoying every single discussion they bring up. Listening to inspiration at that point gave me a lot of story ideas I never got the time to explore… so sad! Like really sad, but guess what was even “sadder”, me not connecting to a personality on Air… strike that, I think I connected to Wana Udobong of Inspiration FM and I love her Sharing Life Issues sponsored by Airtel until she left the station.

I loved how she connected with every one of her callers and I know how I would sometimes wish to connect with mine when I get a great radio job like hers. I loved how she knows some of her callers by name and they flow so well with her like she’s their friend but this kind of friendship is that kind where I might leave you for years and when we come back, we’ll bond right back like we never left each other. I loved that and I wanted it. I’ve always seen myself as a media personality, but guess we don’t have the same opportunities as others or maybe we haven’t fought for what is meant to be our dreams like we should’ve.

It was this thought of thinking I haven’t fought for my radio dream enough that pushed me to ProEmcee, a practical radio training where I was thought a lot on presentation, script writing and voice characterization. All of these things I felt I knew because of listening to other On-Air Personalities and that innate knowledge that tells you “this is how it is supposed to be”. After that, we were looking forward to IT placement and like the usual way things happen for me, I didn’t get placed… funny enough I’m just thinking of it… ProEmcee where is my placement?! LOL. Anyways, I was done with that and I moved on.

I started listening to radio more. Wana left InspirationFM and I switched for a while to Smooth FM because of their smooth discussions at night. Did I tell you about EGO on Inspiration FM? God, I love her! and I always look forward to her matchmaking session to see if the kind of guys I want are still in the market… I later concluded that they are; they just hardly call… they listen for people like me who never call too I guess.

So moving on, I finally got a chance to practice when I went for service in Auchi, Edo State. I wasn’t being paid, but I look forward to my Thursdays where me and my Co-host, Yusuf get to discuss issues facing Corpers. I loved every bit of it and my favorite time are when we have callers contribute to the show, it always feels surreal… like “Linda you’re really practicing!”

One year was over and I was done with that practice. I went back to my school, Lagos State University. Rewind to before I went for service, I was breathing seriously on the neck of Mr. Ojekunle, the station manager of Lasu Radio. I was really on his neck to get a spot for my show “Literati” which I have been proposing to the station, and when it was time to actually get the gig, I went for service.

When I got back from service, I went back and God bless his heart, he gave me my spot to enjoy myself in being myself for thirty minutes every Thursday talking about literature.  I loved every bit of this experience despite how tasking researching for it was. I realize with this experience that I am a natural. I come confused sometimes and when I start, I flow so smooth that I’m now confused with me wondering if I was the confused person some minutes ago (But I don’t dwell on that, I just enjoy my show). Now that’s how much radio is my thing.

I recently stopped because of the demands of my job(s) but I am really sure I’ll go back… soon.

So what’s my favorite station?

For now, I’m loving Soundcity because they give me the best of music, both Naija and international and InspirationFM too because of their Sunday lineup… from 6am-12pm I can be hooked there, best of worship and amazing Christain messages.

So yes, I’ve come a long way with radio (a bit) and it keeps me company like no other electronic appliances can. I Blog. I do TV. I do Social Media, but I’ll always find home with RADIO. 

Hope you enjoyed my plenty talk?

Happy Radio Day Guys!


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