#HappyRiriDay: Here Are 5 Things To Love About Rihanna As She Turns 30 Today!

Who rocked ‘If It’s Loving That You Want’ and ‘Pon The Replay and loved the innocent  Caribbean Rihanna? I think everybody did and then she evolved into the bad girl from her Good Girl Gone Bad album and everybody went all “Rihhana haff join bad gang”... I was part of that everybody, but guess what? I loved and still love her despite.

Rihanna is thirty today and truth is, she has shown many how to change the change from being under Jayz’s management to flying solo in less than 10 years and not just coming out great, but being her own boss chic that rocks the world well.

So here are 5 reasons we (Me and you) love Rihanna so much and everything she does that gets her special thumbs up!

1. She is a great songwriter: You would agree with us that if you play any  Rihanna’s song no matter how old it’ll still get the vibe going because guess what? her songs are not just for the moment, rather they are evergreen… this, of course, is plus her signature voice that goes from velvety to nasal and we love ’em all.

2. Her Sense of Style: One word for this Diva’s style…”Daring!”. Rihanna can wear anything and get away with it, that is the kind of privilege her confidence has gotten her. Rihanna will successfully pull off what nobody would’ve thought possible making it obvious that she is dressing for herself and no one else. Come to think of it, the pieces Rihanna rocks might not work well on anyone else because at the end, it’s not about the pieces, it’s about the carriage of the person rocking the pieces… and that person is Riri!

3. Successful BossChic: No need to overemphasize on this but I’d love to.  Rihanna’s first collaboration with footwear company, Puma to release her Fenty line moved her from just being a singer to a designer. Not only was that executed, it was very successful with everyone loving the idea of having a piece of Rihanna in their closet. She went from her Fenty snickers to Slip-ons and then her beauty line, Fenty Beauty which was a bang back to back providing shades for every color and the products sold out as fast as possible. To say the Queen of Bold would end there, she continued breaking frontiers introducing new shades of lippies, Mattemoiselle. Frontiers are no longer new with Rihanna because from the look of things, she wakes up looking for a game what to change.

4. Game Changer:  So here’s what I think Rihanna does when it comes to her businesses. She understands the effect she has on people and how everyone loves her style. She expresses herself the way she wants to, rocking pieces and lippies from different designers and cosmetic brands and when she sees the craze her looks is causing, she goes to her drawing board does something better than what they have loved on her and voila! she releases it and as you know, it’s gonna be a best seller like she is. Now Rihanna did not tell me this but think about it. She is her best advertiser because everything she gives us, we must’ve seen it on her first. that is one of the reasons I love her… that game changer in her that refuses to accept things as they are.

5. Unapologetically Herself: When Rihanna released ‘good girl gone bad, there came this confidence in all that we see her do. She became that fierce and collected Rihanna that is in touch with her inner self. That person that looks like she is so confident even in making bad decisions and she owns up to those decisions and the repercussion. She is that bi**h boss that don’t care what you think about her and despite her wealth, she looks like that girl that is still a hoe girl but definitely not the innocent Caribbean princess who would be your girl if it’s loving that you want.


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