Ronke Raji: The MakeUp Artist That Continues To Inspire Me With Her Looks – #WCW

It’s Wednesday guys and although I don’t usually do woman crush on my blog, things are changing and we are learning to not just be more appreciative of the things we’re opportunity to see, but also share with you some of the things I a having fun looking at and one of those things happens to be this amazing Youtuber and creative makeup artiste, Ronke Raji.

I really don’t know how I stumbled upon Ronke Raji, but I know it is over a year and I have been hooked ever since, loving her every look but then always wondering how she pulls up her full lip, I was wondering until I realized she lines lip different from the way most people do and such application gives great effect to your lips.

So why is Ronke my Woman crush this Wednesday?  

This year I told myself that was going to try to get my hands on Makeup and try my best to always look on fleek. Yep, I said I was going to learn how to makeup and I even went ahead to order a set of makeup brushes… Don’t ask me how far I have gone with my goal because then I’ll show you my bare face and give you my favourite line, ” I love letting my face breathe” Haha! Guess that’s why I love Ronke so much because she finds her way to making herself look smashing and I am sure she still allows her face to breathe… A struggle I cannot keep up with… yet!

So as I said, one of the things I planned on this year, is to bring out that amazing personality inside of me for more people to experience because I feel I am the only who knows this African complicated amazing rolling ball called Linda but guess what? We still haven’t got there. Hence my love when I saw Ronke, the makeup artist with inspiring tutorials,  started going off the Afro I know her for and playing with colours. The first photo of her I saw this year I couldn’t recognize her and all I kept thinking was “I know this person from somewhere” until it clicked.

Ronke Raji
Ronke Raji

After this photo, Ronke posted different other photos of herself experimenting with different hair colours and all I could think was you can break out and express that inner you without apology. I look at her different looks and I am inspired and then her Youtube videos… I love how natural it all flows, with her sometimes inspirational; talks while making up and how at ease she looks in the video.

But this won’t be complete if I don’t talk about why I really love Ronke Raji.

I love how she pushes her brand. She’s hardworking, makes collaborations here and there and being an Instagram badass with her beautiful looking feed. What’s not to love?

For me, Ronke Raji is Beauty, brain an creativity and when I stumbled on her recent photo on Instagram yesterday, 21st of February, I thought to myself, who better fits my Woman crush this Wednesday than a Ronke Raji?

Do you guys know Ronke? Let me hear what you like about her and if you didn’t and you’re just finding her out, welcome,  do let us know what you like after enjoying her content @ronkerajii

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