Marobuk presents “Printastic” 2018 Collection + Lookbook Review


Nigerian based fashion brand Marobuk has launched its first prêt-à-porter collection for women called Printastic. The collection is a conglomeration of vibrant colours, print and extravagant style with fantastic asymmetry.

Featuring Nollywood actress and TV host Bridget Chigbufue, the collection incorporates Ankara and various renderings of denim, leather, and chiffon which are noticeably present in the pieces all paired together in a novel way.

From jumpsuits, skirts to fitted trousers and dresses, the collection encompasses something that will work for any occasion or body type, both flattering and attractive too. Nothing in the collection is unwearable or over-designed, the designers certainly thought it through down to the last detail.


Designer: @marobuk

Creative asst: @iam_kurs

Photography: @deladee_edison

Talent: @bridgetchigbufue

Stylist: @jowysfashionconsulting

Hair and makeup: @bjayblaq

Publicist: @moafricapr

Lookbook Review:

Interesting name for this collection… Printastic! I guess that means fantastic prints which simply is as we see a play of different fabrics on the actress , Bridget Chigbufue. While I think the collection is beautiful with the words above as true, I also feel it is not flattery to the model or maybe the model’s physique doesn’t flatter the collection as it should. Some of the pieces were too tight at her bust area while some don’t fit well around her upper waist, hence I think more than one model would’ve been perfect.

Aside from that, I think it is a beautiful collection and my favorite pieces are the bomber jacket and the cape which I think is more than what the photo allowed us see.

Well done Marobuk, we look forward to greater collections from you!

So guys! Do tell us what you think and which is your fav in this collection.

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  1. love these .. she is very talented 🙂

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    1. Linorajj says:

      Thank you for stopping by!!!

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