It Gets Difficult By The Day… Move Despite!

Model: Linorajj Location: Limehouse Photo: Adaeze

When I see people working their way to success or trying really hard to break barriers, it most times looks like some do it effortlessly that you think it comes naturally to humans.  Well, in most cases than not it doesn’t. The effortless strides you see them take is the sum total of the hard work they put in and this hard work sometimes might just be trying to push themselves off the comfort of their bed or a negative word trying to hold them back.

This happens to me a lot, words coming to distract, things online distracting me so bad that it takes time for me to come back to where I was and ask myself questions like, what happened? Where was I? And how do I successfully fight these thoughts?

  1. The first thing I do when the thought of laziness creep into my mind is “I’ll do exactly what it doesn’t want me to do”. Now that is really usually difficult you’ll be shocked, especially if you find yourself ina place where you’ re not mentally prepared to do that which you want to do and your mind has found an excuse to make you feel better, saying, “you know you want to do it right, yea? So wait and be prepared so it’ll come out banging, shocking people. Well, as great as that sounds, it is a ploy to keep you off hat you are supposed to do. Pay no heeds to t an do what you’re being lazy about, maybe not everything, but once you start, you’ll never tell how far you’ll go.
  2. the next thing I try to sometimes do is block that negative thought in my head and control the narrative going on there. When my head starts thinking how impossible things are, I remind myself that it is really possible. So in time, I’ve realized that I am my greatest attacker and I try whenever I can to challenge my mind to wade off negative ideologies.
  3. Sometimes I am just damn right lazy and no matter how I fight myself, rechannel my thoughts, try to do the opposite of what I don’t want to, my mind might just be really troubled and want to think about something, either negative or positive or if I don’t want to talk to someone but my mind is saying otherwise. Two things work for me in situations like this, I either give in to that thought or distraction or I o to my movie folders and watch a movie. So what watching a movie does for me is that it distracts me from my reality an everything disturbing me. I get zoned into the motion pictures and I just enjoy it. Now after watching my movie for a while, something will start reminding that I have work to do. Once it starts, i usually don’t give in imediately becaus I feel I’m already enjoyinh my movie and the truth is, it’ll take only some minutes before I get bored, nt because the movie is no longer interestng but becaiuse i am alrtady feeling guilty that I’m choosing my pleausre over my work, but if this doesn’t happen, I control myself and start and still go back to work and that is bcause not only have I been distracted, the movie has surppressed whatever thought ot emotion I’m probably going thrugh or that is keepin me from working.

These are some of the things I try to keep myself from being distracted and losing focus on what really counts. They are not things I intentionally do, but they’re things I noticed I do overtime and I try not to fight it, rather I have to work and make the strategy better.

But do you know it will never get easier? sometimes you’ll sleep at night feeling fired up with plans to take over the world in the morning and then you’ll wake up feeling like going back to bed because of how comfortable it feels to dream and sleep, but don’t. Try some of these points I’ve given, take charge of your narrative and live the end of the day smiling, not because you did all you wanted to do, but because you did something despite how you were feeling.

I hope this helps you for the week to overcome tiredness, laziness and its vices. Please tell me how you overcome yours, they might be more efficient than mine and something new I should try!


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