3 Ways Monique’s Less Than 200 Pounds Size Should Be Your Motivation Today.


The moment I saw Monique the funny actor slimmer than she was, i was shocked for a moment. Why? Because i thought she loved herself just the way she was! She carried herself so well, most of her content were about her size and i felt that was her selling point. So be not surprised when i saw her looking less than 200 pounds… I went why?

But if you know me, then you’d know i usually provide my answers just right after i ask them so i thought… sorry, these thoughts are supposed to be my point, so let’s just dive in into the points and how they should motivate you today.

1. Take advantage of your situation: 

We all knew Monique and all loved her but that this her new phase is telling me is that although she knows her talent in acting, she made her size her selling point… have you seen Phat Girls? I loved that movie when i watched it. Anyways, MoniQueunderstood how she was, she knows a lot of women are like her, i mean how she was, being fat and all, and she used her character to instill confidence in most of them because we know how we shame people that are fat. Her character was one hell of a confident woman and she used her size to help other fat women find confidence in their bodies. Seeing her new phase, it just made me realize that she simply took advantage of her size and used it as positively as she could’ve. But then again, it might be health-related and since she is getting older, she might just want to trim down and feel healthier. No matter the reason, she used what she had to make something for herself and now, she’s trying other body sizes.

2. Search For A Better Version Of Yourself:

Some people are fat, complain of being shamed, shame themselves but wouldn’t opt for the healthier option which is to slim down. You’ll see a fat person eating more than they know they should. This is not me trying to shame, it is me trying to tell people that are fat to cut down on the eating as it is not advisable health wise…  Don’t bother calling me doctor, my mind is already doing the mocking. So for me, i think Monique wanted to be slimmer and she took the step,. she went ahead to search for that better body version that she knows she can have. She made her research and didn’t sulk on her body size. It might be that this body size has been on her mind since she was a child but she was never courageous to do it but now? Now she has taken the step to get that done and everybody is saying “:Wow!”

3. Go For It:

When we find that which we want to do, let’s go for it. The whole nine yards. Let’s work at it! I’ve come to realize that we are our own discourager/encourager in most cases than not. She might have people cheering her on, but she is the one that has to wake up in the morning, get herself up and running to shed off the extra weight she doesn’t want around her. This is not a time to procrastinate. Do that thing you have been meaning. Do that thing you know will make you better. Do that thing you know will make you turn out great. If it’s an exam, take steps to taking it. If it’s a step in your field that you need to pursue, why not if not? Do all you have to do and go for what you want the way Monique went for the body size she wants.

I enjoyed watching the video and seeing how energetic she is as she has become lighter and just as she said, we can all do it! Let’s watch the video;

Photo Credit: Sheen Magazine

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