10 Things That Will Go Through Your Mind After Watching Beyonce At Coachella


Did you watch Beyonce’s performance at the Coachella? Sorry, that was a crazy question to ask, I’m still trying to get back from all the greatness I saw and containing it is taking me a while.

Beyonce gave us the ideal epic show on Sunday morning, which for most is Saturday. I watched it briefly… I still have to sleep on it and prepare my mind to with it until the end because I can’t afford to not be prepared to receive such greatness.

Beyonce performs during Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival at the Empire Polo Club, in Indio, Calif. on Saturday, April 14, 2018. (Photo by Watchara Phomicinda, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG)

So yes, I watched Beyonce briefly and in that brief moment these are the things that went through my mind and some things I learned;

1, Beyonce is undoubtedly the greatest performer in our time.

2. How would her child be feeling, so much joy at seeing how great her mom is.

3. I felt I have been scamming my dreams, I haven’t been working as I should even when I am not as popular while someone who is already great is trying to beat her former record. That was more than spectacular for me to watch.

4. I thought of all the work she put in as she hits her notes and her routine was perfectly done, I think I would’ve been panting in the first 30 seconds but baby girl went on for 2 hours!!

5. I thought of what was going through Jayz’s mind as he watches his wife break and makes records. How does he feel knowing this greatest is with him and will go home with him… that is mad!

6.   I wondered how her mother was feeling knowing she is the mother of this greatness.

7. Did you see Destiny’s child? I love how Beyonce continues to be that friend that says, although I’ve made it big… like really big, we’re still together and you can always share my stage. Very few people will do that, but she knows who she is and understands sharing the stage doesn’t reduce her greatness… when she wins they all win and when they win, she wins… he loyalty to friendship is just goal! This is the kind of friend I aspire to be.

8. Her costumes and all they represented was just bomb, like how did you think about that?

9. Her performance with her sister was another lit moment showing us the joy that fills Queen B when her family is with her and sharing the stage with her.

10. We always keep the best for the last, don’t we? I love how Beyonce is revealing more of her African side, showing unapologetically how African she is, celebrating the greatness that lies within the continent and paying homage to great people like Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

Beyonce gave us all the black power that we need and I still haven’t watched it all. She changed the game of Coachella and made it Beychella.

Henceforth, if I want to be motivated, just watch Beyonce’s performance at the Coachella, until she gives us another masterpiece, for now, I don’t know the motivational speech that can send me to the place her performance is sending me to.

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