What It Means If Cee-C Wins The #BbNaija Reality TV Show – Read!

The Big Brother Double Wahala challenge has been going on for almost three months and this Sunday will make it three months and the final day of the show where the winner will get to go home with 45 million naira… big money!  But who should get the money?

Everybody is rallying for their favourite housemates, voting and ensuring the grand prize comes to their camp which is not much of a bad thing, after all, who would you support if not your favourite?

There are three possible winners for now namely Miracle, Ceece and Tobi. From the look of things, Ceece’s camp is growing stronger by the day and people that didn’t support her from day 1, actually castigated her are now forming “#KingCeece”, what hypocrites! Fro this development, the truth is I am really scared. I know I don’t have anything to gain if anyone wins, but it is really scary to imagine Ceece winning, to see what we consider as winners. To be so sentimental and scorecards while playing victims… this my dear will be really sad!

So I’m briefly going to state 10 things it means if Ceece wins the big brother Niaja Double Wahala reality TV show.

  1. It means Nigerians are full of toxic people and women too like Ceece who finds ways to bring down people just because these people won’t do things their way.
  2. It means we are so blind or dumb that we can’t see the ticking bomb called Ceece who has given nothing but negative vibe since she came into the house.
  3. It means we can allow people to do what they like with the excuse of “victimization” which in Ceece’s case is not true because nobody is victimizing. In fact, she has said and shown, directly or indirectly that she is better than every housemate and deserves to be there more than anyone.
  4. It means we can let anyone off the hook if majority in a society criticize her, even if what she is doing is obviously not right.
  5. It means majority in our society have shown they also need help because you can’t be sane and justifying all of Ceece’s actions.
  6. It means we won’t hear anything for the rest of the next quarter of 2018 because w have shown someone who needs help that her condition is normal, hence she’ll constant;y throw it on our faces whenever corrected. This is how it’s going to pay out “Ceece that attitude of yours is bad” her response would be “Thank you,  it got me 45 Million… and why are you talking to me anyway? We’re not on the same level!” And please don’t tell me Ceece won’t do it, because you know that will be ou lying to yourself about the fact.
  7. Ceece winning is encouraging women who disrespect their husbands that it is okay to do so, the society gat you because guess what? The society is beginning to be filled with people that are “different”.
  8. Ceece winning is a nod to women who are unhappy, showing them that being unhappy is the way to go and if people can’t join you, force them!
  9. Ceece winning is agreeing with the crazy notions that have been floating around her fans that being bitter, angry and frustrated is being strong, that shit is crap! A strong woman doesn’t seek as much attention as Ceece dos with her attitude. A strong woman sees you, understand how you feel and even if she can’t have you she moves on, but can still remain cordial with you.Shouting isn’t the strength, that is freaking weakness. The strength is you doing what every fiber of your being doesn’t want to do and try to convince yourself that doing that is the right thing to do because doing otherwise won’t yield any fruitful result.  Do you know how hard it is to be calm? That is being strong and even me writing this post find it difficult sometimes to be that calm. So because she is expressing all you people’s weaknesses and screaming for someone she supposedly has feelings for then she is strong. Shame on that thought! Truth is, loving someone, be it a man or a woman, is respecting them. The feelings won’t always be there but the respect isn’t like the feelings, these things are shown, they’re expressed and Ceece has done nothing to bring Tobi down in the Big Brother Naija’s house. I get it when people are saying she has opened her heart to Tobi and he misbehaved. I don’t know in details what Tobi did, but if he is no longer looking like the man you fell for, move on! because if that is the case, you didn’t fall for him, you feel for an idea of who you think he is and that my girl is on you! Be the big girl to accept that and move on, not hold what you felt for someone against them, that is damn wrong, especially when this person reciprocated for some time but all you did was insult them. How do you think the boy’s family feels watching him being disgraced by you? How do you think that feels? Being insulted and made lower than you are but you know you can’t do anything because the way this world is structured in our time, if a man repeats the same insult a woman said to him, society will call out the man for treating a woman that way. I am a feminist and I think whatever I say to a man, that has given him the right to say it back to me, and vis-a-vis.  if I don’t like it, that’s my business because since he’s human I’m guessing he also doesn’t like it. So let’s see humans first before we now start labeling their genders.
  10. What it means if Ceece wins Big Brother Naija Double Wahala show is that BUHARI IS STILL GOING TO BE OUR PRESIDENT IN  2019… AND FOUR YEARS LATER. Except Nigerians won’t vote for Ceece and other African countries will take it upon themselves. But if Nigerians make Ceece get that grand prize? Then I don’t know what to say than to be making plans and finding who I have to beg to help me leave this country because I cannot face another four years with Buhari. Ceece is getting as many votes the same way Donald Trump got votes in America and won the election. People are being sentimental and voting. Because people are against her, her fanbase has doubled showing others that we can’t “hate” on another like that. That lesson is noted, I am not in support of the hateful comments or hating another human for that matter, but let’s leave that sentiment aside and face reality for what it is. Ceece doesn’t look like she is ready to change. She doesn’t care, which is a good thing if you’re doing something right. But if you’re doing wrong and you’re being corrected, take the correction and say thank you. Ceece has shown the world a part of herself which has been nothing but negative so far and I only wish that she changes because if she doesn’t… that’s too bad!

Do I hate Ceece?

Of course not! I don’t and I don’t intend to. She has an attitude that she can work on. I don’t like her attitude. She has zero people’s skill because she can only relate with you if she wants something from you, at least that’s the part of her she showed us in the house. Maybe there’s more to her than what has been revealed, but for people saying she is real, I have nothing to say than to agree with you but to also remind you that her reality is sick and need serious work because I think she’ll be a refreshing sight to watch if she has a lot of happiness inside of her.


Tell us what you think about Ceece’s attitude in the Big Brother Naija House… I’ll certainly love to know.



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