#AsoEbi: 3 Things That’ll Make It Sell-able … But Must We Buy It?

Photo credit: Pulse.ng

The tradition of Asoebi which is a Yoruba term for the uniformed outfit in ceremony has indeed become a culture in Nigeria, so much of a culture that it has superseded the ceremony itself as that is now the first thing people ask about whenever an occasion is announced.

Aso which means Clothes and Ebi meaning family sums to mean family cloth which is another way to say family uniform, butt hen we know Aso-ebi is no longer a family affair.

This tradition started out with the Yoruba people and the main purpose for the act is to have a uniformed look at the event, and they go ahead to select a particular out and colour so that it can also add to the beauty of the event, but primarily it is between family and friend to form an unspoken bond of unity… that was the beginning.

Now the Asoebi tradition has evolved into something bigger… should I say better? But it is definitely profitable for either the couple or their family members as this is usually the time to blackmail people into buying what they might not want to buy, but then again, some are really happy to buy it, especially when they know they’ll be asking you to buy theirs very very soon.

But what I’m asking in this post is, must we buy Asoebi?

I know some of my friends who haven’t asked me to buy yet might  kill me for this post while the ones I already bought theirs would be saying things like “who cares?” “None of my biznis” “You sha don buy my own”. Pick your sub if it’s for you. I hear you guys clearly, but I’m just saying; must people buy Asoebi and does not buying say about your loyalty to the friendship?

Now before the evolution of Asoebi, I think you can get away with not buying Asoebi for some events, especially when it was just among families, we friends know our place in weddings and burials. But now where the purpose of Asoebi is financially benefitting and everyone is aspiring for the “bangest” wedding or something close to it, all monies are needed and this wedding business is so much a welcome development as it eases the bride especially of some financial constraint.

For me, I do not have a problem buying AsoEbi and that is not because I’ll be holding people to buy mine, *I’ll actually do that, but pretend you didn’t see this*  all I just want is for you to please me with your product while I please you with my loyalty and buy it:

  1. Let it be cost friendly. I understand you are going to make a profit from it, but please don’t try to make the profit from just my cloth, spread the profit among all the clothes you’ll sell. Some people buy Asoebi and double the price for their friends and frenemies and I’m like why? I totally get it if you want to double the price for your frenemies, I mean you guys are not friends. But i am your friend! Please don’t do this to me, I wouldn’t want to clench my fist and suffocate the money I’m supposed to freely and happily give you.
  2. Let it be worth the price: I wanted to say it should come in good quality and then I remembered my number 1 point of being cost friendly. It really hurt when someone asks me to buy the clothes for their wedding and they call a price that isn’t reasonable and when I see the fabric I’m like “what is this?”. This is something I have experienced more than once and it wasn’t funny. I had to make outfits that I know I won’t wear as often as I should. If you want to sell a pricey Asoebi, at least give me quality so that I won’t complain. Shut me up with your quality clothes.
  3. The fabric: Give me something beautiful please, an outfit I can wear and bless your union whenever I wear, not a fabric that I’ll hide under my closet because I don’t even want to see it because guess what, it is fugly! But then you know we don’t really have ugly fabrics right? The right designer will bring out the beauty in every fabric, but then you also have to consider the fact that not everybody can afford a designer, some of us have tailors that can either give us fabric as they are or make it worse. So please, consider us!

These are some of the sellable points. Do tell us yours and tell us your experience about AsoeEbi in general, is it something you look forward to in weddings and is that where you get your best fabrics or your friends have so far given you the worst fabrics and called it AsoEbi. Let’s Talk!

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