5 Reasons To Shade Your Lens With Sunglasses

It’s funny how we think of things to buy but what most of us don’t see the need to get is this vital piece of accessory that we have come to see as a want more than a need that it is… The sunglasses!
There is so much going on that a piece of sunglasses is the only way to shade your eyes from it all and I’ll be giving you five reasons why a pair of great sunshade should be part of your must-have accessories, or better still, an accessory you should take everywhere you go.
1.  Protects your eyes: This is starting from the most basic and primary use of a sunshade, to shade the sun which in turn protects your eyes from dark circles ( caused by Sun). This can also protect our eyes from dust and other foreign particles.
2.  Protects others: Yup! This fashionable piece can be used to protect others from contacting eye infections such conjunctivitis (also known as; Apollo).
3. Boost your confidence: This is for the guys them! Research has shown that a pair of sunglasses gives a guy all the confidence he needs to profess his feelings to the one he wants. This is because the sunglasses don’t just save you from the situation of staring into the curious eyes of the girl and dumping your heart right on your sleeves but also saving yourself a bit by not allowing her totally read you. This works for some and doesn’t work for some but you will never know if you don’t try.
Denola Grey
4. Complete your look: Do you know if you literally wear nothing and a pair of great sunglasses, you’ll look totally complete? That’s how a pair of shades are! According to Nigerian singer and actor, Toni Tones, a pair of sunshade is a must-have item because it makes everything look cool. Your simple outfit automatically gets an upgrade with a pair of sunshade… You tell me why you don’t want one again?
5. Complete your mysterious look with a pair of shades: Have you ever tried being mysterious without a pair of shades? I don’t think so. Our eyes can speak so loud even when our lips don’t move, hence, there’s a need to cover and maintain that mysterious look we are trying to rock. A great sunshade, especially one dark enough to scream mystery will do the trick for us.
I do hope you enjoy reading this post.
Do not forget to give it a thumbs up, share it and tell me why you like wearing sunshades. I wear shades because of the sun and it also makes the look complete, so even when I’m opting for something simple, a pair of shades just adds the extra to it.
A thought just crossed my mind though… do we have made in Nigeria or Made in Africa sunshades aside house of Lunettes who I think is a brand and they don’t actually make them here? I’ll do my research and get back to you but before then, drop all your comments below!

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