My Encounter With Two Little Beggars That Left Me Peaceful & Grateful🙏💗

Silk Ankara patterned Palazzo by Dee-One and white Faith top by my sister, @LuchiJay

Last night, the 20th of May, I went to get some things I needed and what to eat in Shoprite at Circle Mall, Lekki. After picking most of what I wanted and it looked like I was already exhausting whatever cash I had left in my card, I went straight to a queue and stood in front of a cashier that seems to be taking all her time to get the job done.

In less than five minutes on the queue, two kids (about age 7&8) looking really dirty changed the smell of the place with their presence, no shoes, really dark skin you’ll know it’s not totally the power of melanin but really happy as they fluently speak their northern language. The little girl was holding an ice cream and another had two bottles of Orange coloured Bigi and one bottled water.

I smiled as I looked at them and thought, what a way to reward yourself after spending so much time begging, but something else pricked my heart saying “Are you going to allow these kids eat part of what they spent the day begging for on these?”  I was shocked at the thought because I don’t understand it. Mind you, I’m a giver, but thoughts can’t just be flying around. So I said “Yes I will allow it. Sometimes it’s good to treat yourself to something nice after working hard for it. Let them spend their money, they’ll appreciate it” but I know myself better than that.

Before I could complete that thought, four more trouped into the queue and they further changed the smell of the place but as the queue progressed, I looked at them, smiled at how unconcerned they looked about their looks and how they care less about what their body smell is doing to that queue… or maybe I was just thinking too much. The four boys that just joined them was showing off the things they got, I couldn’t understand a word, but the two initial kids were trying to be confident and not feel bad and at that point, I wanted to mind my business, but I was already telling my heart “These kids already increased, let’s watch the remaining change in my atm go down together while I trek home shall we?”

Before completing that thought again, the four kids told them they were not waiting again with them in my queue as the line is too slow they laughed and acted like real Nigerians, squeezed their tiny selves in between different adults who couldn’t say no for different reasons and my mind whispered “What’s your excuse now?”

A guy behind me holding lettuce has been complaining about how slow the attendant was.  When it got to the turn of the lady in front of me, the guy told the little boy to chill for him but I’m sure the boy didn’t understand because he didn’t bother responding, but to the guy, no response is consent. So I told the guy the little boy won’t be deprived of his space since he was waiting too. The guy boldly told me he already took permission but because I didn’t want a child feeling an adult gives little importance to his time because he’s younger, I decided to allow the guy go before me… imagine the cold look the young boy gave me and I could tell he was asking the little girl what was wrong with me from how fast he spoke his Hausa this time. The young girl simply smiled, tapped me and pointed a card to know if it was mine, I told her no and she said “ok”.

It got to my turn and I told them to put their stuff together with mine. They brought out their cash and I told them not to worry as I hand the cashier my atm containing a couple of thousands. The happiness they felt.. the look in the little boy’s eyes that was as rewarding as anything can be. God! This is a beautiful reason to have a couple of thousands! I felt so grateful… still do.

Because I know the girl got just ice cream before, I asked her if she wanted something else, at first she didn’t want to say yes and I guess she probably thought she would look greedy, so I smiled and told her it’s fine, told her to take any other thing she wanted and a bottled water. She was really pleased, going to the candy counter and picking a chocolate for herself and a bottled water.

I felt really pleased to have done what my heart asked me to do. I felt really pleased to have followed God’s words. I felt really pleased to be a reason that these kids got to smile. I felt really pleased to be among the reasons they’ll say their fast for that day was worth it. I felt really pleased for not acting according to the boy’s attitude and going through with whatever my heart wanted me to do.

When I got out, I thanked God for using me bless those kids. For using me show those kids that people don’t have to beg you before you give them. That they don’t have to beg to be given. I was grateful that God used me to show the girl that being kind and polite pays and to the boy that no matter what you do, God would not seize His blessings because of what we’ve done or a mistake we make because the truth is, the blessings are not because of who you are and what you do, they’re because of who HE IS.

I was happy because I felt genuinely peaceful going home. I realized God will always provide for you to bless others and when you do, he’ll give you a peace of mind that even you won’t be able to fathom, but first, you must yield to His call and I am grateful that at that moment I did.

I am sharing this because sometimes God wants to use us to help people, allow Him, it doesn’t have to always be about you. Sometimes you have nothing to gain from it from the surface but do it anyway. Allow yourself be the blessing someone has prayed and fasted for.

P.S: Another lesson I learnt is Patience. If those kids were patient enough, maybe I would’ve paid for all and maybe not, which brings me to the next lesson, sometimes some people’s presence in our lives might delay or hinder our blessings so let’s pray to God to take off such people from our lives and bless us no matter whatever mistake we’ve done.

And I knew there were beggars because a lot of them are usually outside Circle mall.

Thank you for reading😗, have a great week!💗

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