Yvonne Orji, Luvvie Ajayi & Issa Rae … Squad Goals I’m Crushing On!


Friendship is a beautiful thing and if you know me well, you’ll know I am a sucker for good friends as I love to be with friendly people, have a good laugh and be free with myself and life. Not to say I don’t enjoy my own company, but I also love hanging out with friends. As a matter of fact a friend of mine, Kuku, ones told me I know too many people, and that’s the issue, knowing people doesn’t necessarily translate to friendship

So recently, I have been questioning my friendships and myself as a friend, trying to know who to cut off and who to give more time. I think I’ve always known what a real friendship should be like and while I’m not trying to flatter myself, I try my best to be a good friend, but sometimes it’s hard to get good friends so I have resolved to being me, the friend that I am and not expect if the other person is being that and I’ve just been thinking about it lately which made me feel really happy watching Insecure recently… now that is a series you should watch. I watched both seasons in two nights… yep! It was that interesting, shout out to Issa Rae for bringing up all these issues in one series; hilarious and everything a single girl could wish for.

Yvonne Orji & Issa Rae

On loving Insecure, I went on a stalking trip because I loved Molly and then I realize Molly’s friendly-self doesn’t look too far off from the actor, Yvonne Orji. Aside from the fact that she’s Nigerian and Igbo…  I was loving her and then realizing that she’s a lover of Christ, I be tripping but that is not what I’m here for, we’re talking friendship. So loving Yvonne redirected me to Luvvie Ajayi who I couldn’t help but love big time because she is just so amazing and their friendship is just goal.

Now there is no one way a friendship is, but what is certain is that your friend should be a part of your growth, should be loyal to you just as you should be to them and should be there for you.

I do not live with these amazing women, but from their growth shown on social media, you could tell they have been together for a very long while, especially Yvonne and Luvvie and seeing how they’ve both grown together. For Issa and Molly, I love how close they are to each other and how they’re always there for the other person even though they have their individual lives pursuing different career paths.

So this Wednesday I saying cheers to these women keeping it real with each other, saying cheers to these Nigerian women in the diaspora who have found love and unity in a strange land and refused to see their differences rather grow in and with their common ties as black African/Nigerian women. This Wednesday I say cheers to Yvonne for all she has done for herself in Nollywood and her growth in life, for loving Christ the way she does and rocking life, who says you can’t do both… and her happiness is just contagious that when she smiles you’ll know it’s coming from inside out! Same with Luvvie and her opinionated self, judging you… lol, still yet to read her book, I’m judging you but promising myself to get started with it soon. I love how happy Luvvie is and I love her unpopular opinions that’ll get you thinking.

As I continue to admire these women who are inspiring a lot of women with their friendship, careers,  and truths, I hope to find that which they have somebody, friends in all essence of the word and most importantly, I hope to be the friend I look for.

Try to check them out and thank me later. Happy Wednesday ladies… if there’s anything like that … Lol.

And guess what? Elle also agrees with me on Yvonne

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