#AW18: Demure By ‘Denike’s ‘The Wave’ Is A Collection For That Woman You See In The Mirror    

The most prominent feature of the Wave  Sandstone  Formation, is its vibrant, almost unnatural hues.  Striated panels of sedimentary rock sit,  exposed to the light by centuries worth of water, its channels the only evidence that water once defined these valleys.  Water is an excellent sculptor and the monoliths it has created in the valley are abstract yet deliberate,  the result of deliberate design.  The  Wave  Sandstone Monolith have endured for centuries,  and continue to inspire creativity in the pursuit of art and design and for our A/W  18  collection,  we draw inspiration from its revered valleys as well.    Our creative director draws inspiration from the fragility of the  Wave Sandstone formation and the parallels it has with fashion as a culture, design as a  process, and the often overlooked reliability that must define construction.  She acknowledges the fragility of the sandstone formations, built over centuries through years of routine and layering of otherwise unremarkable sediments.

She replicates that sentiment through ruched tulle, layered at the hem of a spaghetti dress.  She mirrors its striations and marries it with her love Adire,  creating striped motifs that speak to our customer’s rejection of order and embrace of controlled chaos.  We take direct reference from the formations neutral hues of muted browns and sallow oranges,  and juxtapose them against defiant purples and unsoiled whites, referencing the unyielding earth in eternal conflict with water,  ferocious and exacting.  This season’s ideas are materialized in the softness of fabrics;  tulle,  chiffon, silk and twine as an homage to the softness of the formation ’s present incarnation, and how it is in a perpetual state of transfiguration.

For  Demure  by  Denike,  the  Wave  Sandstone  formation  is  a  metaphor  for  the  tradition  that  defines  fashion  as  a  pursuit  of  excellence,  each  generation’s  achievements hoisted  on  the  achievements  of  the  generation  before  them,  resistant  to  the  ravages  of  time  and  other  circumstances,  but  pliable  enough  that  this  all-encompassing force  shapes  fashion  into  the  behemoth  in  which  our  creative  director  defines  herself  today.


The Demure by ‘Denike brand was born in 2016, from a place of love for the dying traditional art that is  African textiles like Adire,  Asooke, Ukara etc.

Each piece is created with our love for tradition, which is juxtaposed with the unconventionality of our Creative  Director, to create her idea of an everyday stylish African woman.  Although fabrics are sourced from all over  Africa, all garments are made in  Nigeria,  and this guarantees a profound care in every seam.  All our garments are ethically produced,  with hand-dyeing processes, and a personal relationship with everyone who makes your clothes.   We are also very passionate about training and working with artisans in local communities, with a strong aim of empowering women.


Born in Lagos, Nigeria in the early 90’s,  Adenike Adegboye discovered her love for fashion in secondary school, when she took a sewing class during a long holiday, and she has not looked back since.  After a Bachelor’s degree in History and International  Relations, she embarked on a journey to Milan, Italy to hone her craft in fashion.  This has come to reflect in her cuts and designs, even though she sticks to using traditional African textiles.  She has been shortlisted for 2018  LFDW  Fashion Focus program and is looking to explore other forms of design like jewelry making and accessories.










HASHTAG:  #DemureWoman  #DemureByDenike  #DemureWave

LookBook Review:

This lookbook is everything a woman should dream of, I’m saying ‘should’ in case you’ve not been dreaming about it. I love the tones on the tulle dress, the use of Adire gives me an African vibe that we can see well in all the pieces.

This collection looks really neat and well thought out. The colour flows seamlessly into the pieces keeping you focused on the beauty without too many distractions. It allows you to enjoy the beauty in a piece before taking you to another. While the colours used are different, it all just comes together connecting you to that self you always picture yourself to be.

I’ve always loved ‘Denike’s works but these pieces kept my mouth open for a while longer than necessary.

My favourite piece is really difficult to pick hence I feel like I can rock everything here except for the layered bottom 2 piece and that is because I haven’t pictured myself in such before, but who knows, I should try one soon… what do you think?

Tell me your fav let’s see if we have same style!

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