Nigerian Software Start-up, KariXchange launches an Artificial Intelligent Bot, Predicts World Cup Matches

KariXchange is a start-up software company that builds Platforms taking into consideration; User design, Ultimate User Experience and User Empowerment.

KariXchange has of recent, built a Social and Service Artificial Intelligent Bot, Nyra, which will underlie most of its applications and platforms. Nyra is both a Social and Service Bot that will participate in major social activities and also be a backbone for KariXchange’s Service Apps.

Nyra was first conceived as a service bot for one of its applications, an application which will be launched in two months; however, due to the World Cup, KariXchange decided to launch the bot to participate in the fervor of the World Cup. Nyra, an androgynous bot is intelligent enough to predict matches, chat with users over any topic, and create a user experience around chats. On the World Cup, Nyra gives valuable information on the progress of the game and also predicts scores. Nyra prompts predictions from users and any user who happens to make accurate counter prediction stands to win gifts.

KariXchange is positioning Nyra for the future especially robotics, its major goal is to create jobs and empower users leveraging on Artificial intelligence and Internet of things.

According to the CEO of Eucharia Amanambu, In two months, KariXchange will launch its first service application which will be centered around Nyra but specifically utilize Machine learning, another branch of AI, to make the app cognitive, accurate in predicting human behaviour and excellent in customer service.

Ola Williams, Solutions Sales Director for Microsoft who was also at the conference expressed her excitement as she strongly believes the ideas brought to life by the team will be beneficial to everyone and a lot can also be achieved and actualized with the NYRA products and services.

 Nyra has predicted the Nigerian -Iceland Match 1-0 in favour of Nigeria. You can proceed to to counter-predict this match and win awesome gifts, from the Worldcup Jersey to Bird Drones.

At, you can chat with Nyra about football or any other topic.

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