Kamsi Tcharles Shows His Love Affair With Prints In His S/S ’19 Collection “Church Science”

Nigerian fashion designer Kamsi TCharles lingers his love affair with African prints, traditional patterns and textiles in his Spring Summer 2019 men’s collection titled “Church Science.”
The collection references the manner with which the western world has long been a hub of influence for religion, ethics and fashionable trends in Africa, and is often perceived as the adoption of the elements of the dominant culture by members of the minority culture.
 “Church Science collection”, the designer explained, is about how the Europeans made us disregard our beliefs, values and dress cultures. How today we (Africans) dress like the western world, sound like them and feel more religious than they are without corresponding development because we have failed to realize that religion is more of an art than science.”
The outstanding designs from the collection appeal to those willing to take a risk with their personal sense of style, and not only echo with Africans but cause a stir with international fashion observers too.
Auspiciously, today, Africa is ever more pertinent to the fashion industry globally. The western world is not only looking to it as a sourcing destination but also as a source of inspiration.
Designs: @kamsitcharles
Photography : @spotlightpi
Models : @iam_sakora,  @shadraq_stone,  @demola.adedoyin
Styling:   @bishopkamsi
Publicist: @moafricapr

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