Fashion Map: The Nigerian start-up that helps you find Tailors, Brands & Fashion Designers at the click of a button


If there is one common tragedy many people face, it is the disappointment of tailors and designers and we have seen and heard more than our fair share of disappointments where tailors don’t come through last minute and you’re left stranded. From social media to real life experiences where you’ve been invited to an impromptu event and you quickly need a good designer to make your outfit and it is these problems that have birthed the Fashion Map.

There has been a rapid adoption of technology in Africa in sectors like agriculture, transport, finance, etc. the fashion industry has been left behind.

90% of the Fashion businesses in Africa are SME’s and these businesses struggle with visibility, due to the fact that they can not afford traditional marketing platforms like billboards & radio ads. Furthermore, figuring out how to integrate platforms like Google SEO & Instagram ads effectively saps out time, energy & money and that’s the need Fashion Map is here to solve.

Fashion Map is an on-demand platform that allows you find Tailors, Fashion Designers and brands in the fashion industry at the click of a button. It seeks to bring visibility to African Fashion creatives and enable local fashion businesses no matter the size!

This innovative platform will not just help people find great designers for their occasions, it’ll also help designers increase their client base which will eventually increase their income and help them be more focused on their creativity to satisfy customers rather than using their “thinking time” to increase their clientele base.

Founded by David Peterside, Henry Ugochukwu Nneji with Seyi  Adedokun as the Co-founder, they believe that the African fashion industry has greater possibilities than it is presently exercising and this will not only increase revenue for creatives but also create comfort for the people patronizing just as Uber brought comfort to people in terms of transportation.

To be sure of the credibility of the designer or creative you’ll be getting on Fashion Map, you have the opportunity to see the quality of your choice designer or creatives, their works, ratings & reviews and all these are available to help you make an informed decision for your satisfaction.

How it Works!

Getting on Fashion Map is an easy three-step process where you sign up on the fashion map website, upload your creative works and get clients.

Customers can hit the CONTACT button to either call, send a WhatsApp message, email or visit the Fashion Map website.

The platform gives creatives the opportunity to showcase their work while providing them with visibility to potential customers.

What’s the damage?

NONE. Fashion Map is 100% FREE for customers! & has mobile apps coming soon to Apple & Android App Stores.

To find Tailors, Brands & Designers we around you visit

Tailors, Brands & Designers looking to grow their customer base can join for FREE now, however, a subscription fee of N1000/month will be required from December 2019.

How to join? visit

Sign up > Upload Pictures > Receive Customers

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