In Case You’re Considering A Brazilian Butt Lift, Allow 23-Years-Old Shami Be Your Guide


Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is one surgery that is becoming popular every day as women crave for the perfect body and look.

This surgery is the deadliest type of surgery but that reality doesn’t seem to scare most women off the procedure because the outcome of having that supposedly perfect bikini body blurs every other fact.

While some people are already convinced this is what they want despite the glaring risk, others are still consulting from friends, professionals, and people who have experienced it to make an informed decision.

With 23-year-old Shami,  this process is a huge deal that shouldn’t just be decided on in a jiffy. It requires the opinions of experts.

With all the information Shami got through this BBC documentary where she documents her journey to deciding what’s best for her, she made a decision that might just change your perspective.

Watch the full video on BBC

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