With the negative representation of Africa that populates the internet, Linorajj.com is excited to be among the changemakers working hard to positively represent Africa to the world with positive Afrocentric content.

Linorajj.com is also passionate about a society of great women confident in who they are while trying to do their part to make the world great hence there is a segment dedicated to women where we have important discussions about women and the issues we are liable to face in the dynamic society we find ourselves in that sometimes find it difficult to grasp the idea and reality of the phenomenal creature known as women.

As a supporter of dreams, Linorajj.com also promotes small African businesses or African oriented businesses to bring them closer to their market for business growth.

A great lover of extraordinary stories and the people that embody these stories, linorajj.com feeds readers with these compelling stories collected from its visual platform on YouTube, LinorajjTV.

All these contents are sought for to not just tell a complete African story to the world, but to show Africans that we have what it takes to be great and the moment we start believing it, the world will definitely accept it, because they already know.

So join us on this journey if you’re African or the lover of everything Africa. If you have a story you want us to cover, of course, do let us know and we’ll be there. If you have a country you want us to explore, we’ll definitely do that, and if there is something you’re going through as a woman or you know a woman going through that, we are definitely here for you, all you have to do is send a mail to linorajj@gmail.com or call +2348174487117, +2348080398689

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